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In 2022, Novgorod Region businesses may receive grants from the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry National Project. Applications are to be submitted to the regional Ministry of Investment Policy.
“Federal grants are an effective instrument used to make domestic tourism more affordable, interesting and diversified. An active tourism business is key to the success of the region. This is why the regional government is supporting business initiatives. I am sure that the projects that will be implemented thanks to the grants will attract more guests to the Novgorod Region,” said Deputy Prime Minister of the Novgorod Region Yelena Kirilova.
The grants will be awarded in two areas: The Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism, and The Creation of Modular Accommodation (Campsites).
The projects should aim to:

  • - increase the volume of tourist services
  • - increase overnight tourism
  • - increase employment in the tourism industry
  • - create or improve accessible tourism for people with disabilities
  • - promote inclusive tourism
  • - relevance and significance (the project’s socioeconomic value and focus on expanding regional tourism products)
  • - co-financing (proprietary funds should equal at least 30 percent of the grant)
  • - experience (completed projects in the relevant field)
  • - expertise (the applicant’s employees and recruited professionals must have the skills and competencies for implementing the project)

Applications will be accepted online at until 28 October 2021. For more information, call +7 921 028 1553.

Grants will be issued to cover the expenditures of the shortlisted legal entities (excluding state/municipal enterprises and NGOs) and individual entrepreneurs.