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Project mission

This is an informational and educational project dedicated to traveling around the Novgorod region. Our activity is aimed at creating a single information resource in the field of tourism, providing accessible and complete information about the tourist opportunities of the Novgorod region.




of Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region in Russia and abroad

Информационное сопровождение

инвестиционных проектов в сфере туризма

Содействие повышению качества услуг,

поддержанию стандартов сервиса в сфере туризма и гостеприимства

Создание положительного имиджа

области в интернет-пространстве

Our projects

The Guest Card is intended for an individual tourist who wants to visit as many museums and excursions in the Novgorod region as possible. It also gives a number of privileges, including discounts when booking hotels, visiting restaurants and cafes, traveling on long-distance public transport.

Development of tourism infrastructure
Tourist navigation

Installation of signs of tourist navigation on federal highways, regional and municipal roads.


Creation of tourist information centers in the territory of the Novgorod region.

Organization of photo exhibitions

At the airports of Pulkovo (St. Petersburg), Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo (Moscow), in Petrozavodsk, Moscow.

Branding of the region

Development and promotion of the tourist-export brand of the Novgorod region.

Participation in international tourism exhibitions

«Intourmarket», «OTDYH-2018», «Turnedelia – 2018».

Support projects

aimed at the development of new tourist routes and events.

Creation of an information Internet portal
Festival of Musical Antiquities «Slovisha»

The symbol of the festival is five-stringed lyre-shaped gusli with carved inscription «SLOVISHA», found in 1975 in Veliky Novgorod at the Trinity excavation site in layers of the 70s of the XI century.

Festival «Sarafan»

The main idea of the festival is to create a bridge between the past and the future. Through a demonstration of the possibilities of using elements of the traditional Russian costume in modern design, instill a love of national culture and traditions, popularize Russian brands in the fashion market.

Interregional festival «GAMES AND PEOPLE»

The festival is held to popularize the cultural heritage of the Novgorod region through the preservation and development of the folk gaming culture of Russia, familiarizing the broad strata of the population, especially children and young people, with the traditional gaming culture, educating the younger generation to respect the cultural heritage of their people.

Festival of medieval music «Princes brotherhood»

The festival «Forgotten feat - the second shock army»


The second international music festival was held in June 2018 on the territory of the airfield Okulovka in the Novgorod region. The program was attended by the B-2, DDT, Alice, Leonid Agutin, Brainstorm, Buckwheat, Dolphin and many others.

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