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The best tourism projects in the Novgorod Region will receive grants worth up to 500,000 roubles.

Applications can now be submitted for the Novgorod Land contest of innovative tourism projects.

The contest’s main goal is to develop local initiatives aimed at creating new services, programmes, and tourist itineraries.

Companies and individuals working in the industry, as well as non-profit organisations, public associations, institutions, and Novgorod Region local authorities can take part in the contest.

“Competition for tourists is growing among Russian cities and regions. Today it is necessary to create a high-quality but also unique and memorable tourism product to attract new tourists. It is important for us to support new original products and initiatives based on concepts and people. This year we have increased the grant fund five times over, which means that we will be able to implement the most interesting and promising projects of the Novgorod Region,” Deputy Chair of the Novgorod Region Government Yelena Kirilova said.

Applications for the contest can be submitted until 13 September 2021 in the following categories: Tourism and Culture, Agriculture and Gastronomy Tourism, Active and Environmental Tourism, and Innovations in Tourism.

The award ceremony will be held on World Tourism Day, 27 September.

The contest is organised by the Novgorodian Rus Tourist Office. You can find the rules of the Novgorod Land contest and the application form below.