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The monument to the pilots of the North-Western Front was unveiled on 18 August 1978. It represented a MiG-19 fighter plane. The inscription reads: “In memory of the meeting between the veterans of the 108th Order of Suvorov Guards Air Assault Regiment on the 60th anniversary of the USSR and the 40th anniversary of their participation in the battles waged at the North-Western Front.” An airfield where air regiments were deployed was located in Kresttsy during the war. Local residents worked on the construction of the temporary airfield in Kresttsy in 1937-1939. It was designed for the 17th air base, which was moved there from Novgorod to service the 2nd Bomber Aviation Division in April 1941. By June 1942, the Kresttsy airfield had become a major air hub of the Air Force of the North-Western Front. The military jokingly referred to it as the front’s capital, where all roads lead. It was logical that Kresttsy was chosen as the site for a monument to the front’s pilots after the war.

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