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This majestic ensemble of the Vyazhishchi Convent of St Nicholas is located 12 km from Veliky Novgorod in the upper reaches of the Veryazha River, near the Vyazhishche village. The church was built in 1411 on the site where the wonderworking image of St Nicholas had appeared.

The structures that have survived to this day include St Nicholas Cathedral (1681-1685), a refectory, the Church of St John the Baptist and the Ascension Church (1694-1698) and a residential building of a regular shape, with massive thick walls and even rows of curved windows.

The sacred objects kept at the monastery include the shrine of St Euthymius in the church of the same name as well as the cherished icons of St Anthony the Roman of Novgorod and Blessed Matrona of Moscow with partial relics. The partial relics of St Nicholas the Wonderworker are also kept there.

The monastery is known for the remarkable variety of glazed tiles adorning the church. The monastery’s architecture is an invaluable piece of the Novgorodian Land’s cultural heritage.

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