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The Vasilyevskoye churchyard was part of the land holdings of the Klopsky (St Michael of Klopsk) Monastery located across the Veryazha River. The church in Vasilyevskoye is mentioned in the royal charters of Ivan the Terrible granting the land to the monastery.

Several wooden churches replaced each other; the last of them, the predecessor of the current St Basil Church, was built to replace the dilapidated one in 1730, ordered by Archbishop Feofan (Theophanes) of Novgorod and Velikiye Luki. By the middle of the 19th century, this church had become dilapidated, too. In 1871, it was replaced by the current stone church, built with the donations and through the effort of the parishioners led by the priest, Alexander Speransky, with the blessing of Metropolitan Isidore of St Petersburg and Novgorod on 12 December 1871. It was consecrated by Vicar Bishop Theoktist of Staraya Russa. That event was commemorated by a plaque on the front door.

The single-domed and single-altar church was consecrated in honour of St Basil the Great.

The building plan has the shape of a cross, with a two-tiered tented bell tower connected with the main building. In 1901, the inside of the church was painted with images of the local saints – St Michael of Klopsk, St Ephraim of Perekop, St Anthony of Rome and St Varlaam of Khutyn on the left side, and Novgorod saints – St Nicetas, St John, St Jonah, St Euthymius and others on the right. The images have not survived. The church has an intricately carved four-tiered and nine-part iconostasis.

The Church of St Basil the Great in Vasilyevskoye has been a parish church since 1945.

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