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The St Trinity Church is an outstanding example of the late 17th century Russian architecture. Built of stone in 1699, it is not large in size and includes the main room, a semicircular altar on a rectangular base on the east side, a slightly larger refectory on the west side, a squat side chapel of the Sign on the north and a narrow gallery on the south and west sides. All the rooms have brick vaulted ceilings. The entrance used to be on the west side, from the side of the village through a small porch. The church has a vaulted basement. The builders found an ingenious way to position the church on the bank slope. That saved them digging a larger pit, and made the church look as if it froze on takeoff half-way down the cliff to the Volkhov River.

A 1854 record says the church was renovated in 1849 and a side chapel was added at that time. However, some historians believe it had been there already, only it looked different. The iconostases were completely redone and the refectory was liquidated during the renovations. The church was badly damaged during the Great Patriotic War. The belfry and porch, as well as part of the gallery on the west side and the western wall of the refectory were destroyed.

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