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This single-domed, one-apse Novgorod style church, consecrated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit, was designed by the diocesan architect Andrei Aplaksin. Nikolai Sazikov, a local landowner, commissioned the church on his estate; his mother, Yevdokia Maslova, provided the funding for the project to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

The church was built in two years, and was consecrated on 1 July 1913 by Anatoly Ostroumov, archpriest of the St Catherine Cathedral in Luga.

The church remained active until the Great Patriotic War. Shortly after the war, it was converted into a power plant, and then into a printing house. It was rebuilt by the Novgorod Diocese in 2007 on the remaining foundation, replicating Andrei Aplaksin’s design, thanks to the research by the local historian and benefactor Lyobov Antonova. The church is currently active.

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