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The stone Assumption Church was built in 1899, designed by the Novgorod architect A. N. Dyakov. The plan was to replace the decaying wooden church, which was moved to Vitoslavlitsy in 1852, but fundraising was not easy and took until 1895. A small mobile wooden chapel was built for the campaign, “just 1 arshin (yard) wide and tall, with a roof of 2 slopes,” with the icon of the Assumption inside. That chapel stood in the village of Yarovitsy, but every winter, until 1879, they would take it to the road that runs across the lake from Novgorod to Staraya Russa, with a mug attached to collect donations for a new stone church.

The church eventually built with those donations is a single-dome, pillarless building, with an adjoining bell tower, its style described as eclectic. Its facades have arched pediments, and its corners are decorated with large-patterned rustication. The first-floor windows have gabled moldings. The jack-arch moldings above the classical ground-floor arch windows gracefully echo their shape. A tented-roof bell tower sits above the refectory.

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