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This active wooden church with wood siding built in Classicism style is a monument of wooden architecture. The building has three entrances, a western entrance through a belfry and two entrances that are currently inaccessible. The volumetric and spatial composition consists of a roofed porch, a two-level belfry, a refectory and the church itself with a five-canted apsis protruding on the eastern side.

The church was built in 1753 by landowner Kozma Martyanov. However, the parish registers from this church actually contain records from 1724. The church has burnt down and been rebuilt several times. Therefore, today it is very different from its original design.

In 1824-1831, it was rebuilt by Alexander Obolyaninov, the owner of the Dubtsy estate nearby, using the wooden structure of a 1753 church. The building is shaped as an octagon on a quadrangle with side porticoes, a refectory and a three-level belfry below a dome with a spire. The main altar was consecrated as the Holy Trinity Altar. The church has two side chapels, dedicated to St Nicholas and Protection of the Mother of God. The church has remained open throughout its history.

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