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The Yavon River is the right tributary of the Pola River, which originates from the lakes Bolshoye Yaichko and Maloye Yaichko. Its total length is 87 km. In the past, boats sailed up the Yavon to Lake Velyo and were then portaged to Lake Seliger; from there the voyage would continue along the Selizharovka to the Volga.

The floodplain of the Yavon River is located in the very centre of the village. The water in the river is clean and slightly mineralised; there are natural stone rifts. The section between Filippova Gora and Arkadovo is located in a pre-glacial valley. The river valley is wide there, with a lot of terraces and cut-off lakes. This section of the river is great for rafting. All Valdai rivers flow to Seliger except for Yavon, which flows to Ilmen. In the ancient Finno-Ugric language, the name of the river means “the river of goods,” because the Yavon was a link on the famous Sereger trade route to the Baltic. The river is rich in pike, crucian carp, roach, perch, burbot, and chub.

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