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This is a glacier lake covering 260 sq km, including 160 islets covering an area of 38 sq km in total. The deepest point is 24 m. There are 24 reaches.

There are 110 influxes in the lake, such as the rivers Krapivenka, Soroga, and Seryomukha. Selizharovka is the only river that flows out of it.

The first mention of Lake Seliger dates back to the 12th ̶ 13th centuries, and Polnovo has been known since the 12th century as a settlement along an ancient trade route between the Volga and Novgorod.

Polnovsky Reach is among the largest reaches on Lake Seliger. It covers 2,750 ha, with the average depth of 9 m and the maximum depth of 23 m.

Numerous archeological landmarks are located along its shores, such as an ancient encampment dated 3rd ̶ 2nd centuries BC, and burial grounds, mounds and hills on the eastern and western banks of the Polnovsky Reach dating back to the 9th ̶ 15th centuries.

Seliger is one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia. The surrounding pine forests fill the air with the scent of resin. There are groves of white birch trees, crystal clear water, and sandy beaches. Berry and, mushroom foraging, and, of course, fishing will make for a great holiday.

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