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The exposition is located in the hunting lodge of Nekrasov on the territory of the «Chudovskaya Luka» manor. The writer bought it in 1871. He used to come here to rest from city worries and anxieties. This is where he wrote 11 poems of his «Chudovo cycle», began work on his poem «Contemporaries» and the fourth chapter of «Who Is Happy in Russia?». Today, the manor is restored to its original atmosphere of Nekrasov time.

The main room of the museum is the poet’s office with his original things. Also, on the territory of the estate, you will find a building of a former agricultural school named after N. Nekra- sov. It was opened in 1892 by his sister A. Butkevich. Now there is a literary exposition «Nekrasov and Novgorod region», a school class of the 19th century and an exhibition hall. There are les- sons on N. Nekrasov works held in this building by prior request. The program is called «A Visit to Grandfather Mazay».

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