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A fascinating trip to explore the roots of Russia far from the bustle of the city. Fresh air, bird song, the smell of hay and wildflowers, and grazing cows create an inimitable rural atmosphere and provide a natural backdrop for taking photos.

Being surrounded by Russian cultural traditions and nature provides plenty of inspiration for photographs.

Photo sessions in traditional Russian costumes with traditional household items

  • Photo session for children in the old Russian style
  • Family photo session in the old Russian style
  • For sweethearts
  • Individual
  • Corporate

Estimated cost

  • Individual and family photos 2,000 roubles
  • Group and corporate photos (more than five persons) upwards of 3,500 roubles


  • bikes (if necessary) for moving to the site of the photo session
  • costumes (a wide choice of old Russian costumes for all family members)
  • genuine old household items
  • all photos (unretouched) in Jpeg
  • five 15x20 photos (you can pick them up within two weeks or request dispatch via Russian Mail)
  • eating out (tea, pastry, traditional soft drinks and snacks, fruits in season)

For more information about the itinerary call +7 981 601 6631

Телефон: +7 981-601-66-31

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