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Every Saturday, we invite you to join a bus tour of Veliky Novgorod, one of the oldest cities in Russia. Its streets can tell you stories of bygone eras, and you can get to know its character by talking to its residents. Once the biggest trade centres in Russia, hailed by European merchants, today the city is one big open-air museum with ancient buildings, old churches and imposing cathedrals literally on every corner.

- Novgorod Detinets fortress
- Sophia Cathedral (visit included)
- Millennium of Russia Monument (1862)
- Church of St Sergius of Radonezh
- Church of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem
- Clock Tower
- Eternal Flame of Glory Memorial
- Episcopal Court
- Episcopal (Faceted) Chamber
- Free time
- Pedestrian humpback bridge over the Volkhov River
- Yaroslav's Court

Estimated cost 1,700 roubles for adults, 1,360 roubles for children, and free for children under four.


Телефон: +7 911 633 3030

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