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Description Discover the pristine environment of the Moshensky District with its lakes, rivers, forests, fields, bogs, and rich history. The tour includes a visit to the filming location of the film Stillwater, and the bravest can go for a swim in Kaplino, known as the sorcerer’s lake. Follow the picturesque trail through the woods around lakes Maliy Belinets and Bolshoiy Belinets, visit the apiary, feed wild boar at Niga sports and hunting club, and spend the night at Dorokhovo Estate hotel overlooking River Uver. The hotel offers stunning views at dawn and dusk, while at night a powerful telescope is available for stargazing. While staying at the hotel, you can play tennis, snooker, go fishing, enjoy the sauna and swimming pool, and even fly a motor glider.

- Uver cinema and concert hall
- Traditional arts and craft club and museum
- Picture gallery
- Lake Korobodzha, Lake Kaplino
- Tikhvinsky, Holy Spirit and Agrippiny springs with bathhouses
- Dorokhovo Estate
- Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God
- Church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Mother of God
- Childhood Valley Ecotrail
- Niga sports and hunting club grounds
- Kondratyev’s apiary.

Estimated cost 4,500 roubles per person. Groups up to 20 people.


Телефон: +7 81653 61 459, +7 921 196 21 76

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