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Bread is the most important staple of human life. It was first made over 15,000 years ago when our ancestors baked flatbread on hot stones.

The invention of the famous Russian stove led to the rise of bread baking in the country. Many generations handed down secret recipes and refined their mastery of breadmaking.

Before the 1917 revolution, bread was supplied in the Novgorod Region by numerous private bakeries. All of them were registered in 1918 and tasked with meeting the needs of the people.

Construction of a large bakery plant began in 1931. It was named the Novgorod Plant Bakery after WWII and is now known as Novgorodkhleb.

Novgorodkhleb is a major producer of over 100 products, including bread and flour products, puff pastry, small and big pies, dry bread rings, cracker rings, breadsticks, dry toast, cakes, pastry, marshmallow, spice cakes and cookies. The plant comprises bread, bakery, confectionery and non-perishable shops, plus a mini bakery.

Novgorodkhleb also has a vendor network with mobile Kupava bakeries and a transport department to deliver bread to shops in Novgorod and the region.

In 2016, the company opened Cafe Schastye (Happiness) with a mini bakery, where visitors can see the entire production cycle in real time and buy freshly baked goods. The cafe also makes pizza and takes orders for pies and custom celebratory cakes of any type.

Tour programme

1. Cafe Schastye
2. Meeting Novgorodkhleb staff, the history of the company, its traditional and new products, and the role of bread in a healthy diet
3. Watching how pizza is made, from dough kneading to baking
4. Pizza tasting, coffee, tea
Visitors will be able to buy freshly baked goods, non-perishable items, the Novgorod Souvenir spice cake, etc.

To organise the tour

1. File a request
2. Choose the date and time
3. Indicate the product they want to watch being made at the bakery, which they will later taste in the cafe
4. Give the number of participants (up to 20)
5. Coordinate the price of the order for products

Contact Danuta Zakharova, senior production engineer, phone +7 911 604 7662



Телефон: +79116047662

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