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Description This itinerary runs through the Okulovsky and Krestetsky districts. In includes two Orthodox churches in the Okulovsky District where the guide will introduce you to Orthodox customs and rites. The visitors then arrive at a Lutheran cemetery and the Novoestonskiye Courts community near Lyadchino, Okulovsky District, to learn about how an Estonian community appeared here.

At an Old Believers’ farm in Lyakova, Krestetsky District, you will learn about the Old Believer way of life, roots and traditions.

The tour’s focus is on illuminating how religion shapes each believer’s worldview and way of life.

- Alexander Nevsky Church in Okulovka
- Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Peretno, Okulovsky District
- Memorial plaque at a Lutheran cemetery of the former Estonian community
- Old Believers’ Court interactive museum in Lyakova, Krestetsky District

Estimated cost 1,000 roubles per person


Телефон: +7 81657 22 447

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