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The tour will take you to the Peredolsky burial ground dated to the 9th -10th centuries and the remnants of a medieval city that stood here until the 13th century. Numerous burial mounds are evidence of bustling life in this rural area populated by Luga tribes. But its many secrets have yet to be uncovered. The most impressive and mysterious is the largest burial mound in north-western Europe, Shum-Gora. Adults can attend workshops to learn ancient crafts, while schoolchildren are invited to take part in a quest to seek the buried treasure of Prince Rurik.


  • Podgorye
  • Remains of the Peredolsky burial ground with an ancient Orthodox church dated to the time of Princess Olga, the former estate of the Milyukovs (Likharevs), and the village of Zapolye
  • Shum-Gora
  • Novoye Ovsino
  • Novoye Ovsino Culture Club


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