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There are certain towns in Russia that, although modest in size, attract tourists like the big cities. Valdai, nicknamed “little Switzerland”, is one such gem, famous for its history and untrammeled nature.

Every Sunday, we invite you on a bus tour of Valdai. Enjoy the beautiful sights of Valdai with the City Tourism Centre.

- Valdai Iveron Mother of God Svyatoozersky Monastery
- Iveron Mother of God Cathedral
- Refectory and the Church of the Epiphany
- Gate Church of Michael the Archangel
- Gate Church of St Philip
- Tent bell tower
- Pier
- Museum of bells in Valdai
- Izba-Terem traditional house at Valdarai tourist center

Estimated cost 1,950 roubles for adults, 1,560 roubles for children, and free for children under four.


Телефон: +7 911 633 3030

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