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The Brothers Karamazov is Dostoyevsky's last novel and supreme masterpiece. In a sense, it was his life’s work and remains one of the greatest works in Russian and world literature. The story is forever linked with Staraya Russa – the city the author depicted with geographical precision on the pages of his novel.

Break the laws of time and space, lift the veil of secrecy and visit the fictional world created by this literary genius. Special 3D headphones turn you into a direct participant in the audio action, bringing Staraya Russa’s streets and major landmarks to life and recreating Dostoyevsky’s fictionalised Skotoprigonyevsk and its inhabitants as played by prominent Novgorod actors.

- Voskresenskaya street
- Sobornaya Square
- Dostoyevskogo Embankment
- The Brothers Karamazov Museum (visit not included)
- House of Gaideburov
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky House Museum (garden)
- Pisatelsky Lane
- Church of St Menas
- St George Church
- Malashka Riverм - Pushkinskaya Street
- St Nicholas Church
- Dostoyevsky Monument

Estimated cost 900 roubles per person


Телефон: +7 911 633 3030

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