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Guided tours of St Antony of Leokhnovo Hermitage run every Friday. This monastery and sacred space is one of the biggest spiritual centres of the Novgorod Region. The relics of St Antony of Leokhnovo are interred at one of the monastery’s churches. People come to the monastery specifically to visit them. They come seeking aid, comfort and solitude. Our professional guide will tell you the wonderful story of the Transfiguration Monastery in Leokhnovo. You will visit the large 18th century Transfiguration Cathedral with three altars. Visitors are welcome to take some holy water from the monastery spring. The tour will coincide with a church service including a male choir.

- Transfiguration Monastery in Leokhnovo
- Transfiguration Cathedral
- Old monastery well
- Stone gate bell tower
- Relics of St Antony of Leokhnovo

Estimated cost Adult ticket 750 roubles, children’s ticket 600 roubles, and free for children under four.



Телефон: +7 911 633 3030

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