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The Slovenian Sea bike tour is a day trip to Lake Ilmen with a guided tour of coastal landmarks. The landscape and nature attractions of Lake Ilmen are remarkable and truly unique. There is the Ilmen Clint in the town of Pustosh, Starorussky District, where Devonian rocks are exposed on the cliffs overlooking the lake, Antony’s Rock in the town of Mston, Shimsky District, on which St Antony arrived, according to legend, and two sand spits in the town of Korostyn that are exposed during low tide.

- Mston (legends and myths, Anthony’s Rock)
- En Route Palace in Korostyn
- Church of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God in Korostyn
- Estate gardens
- 19th century fruit orchard
- Ilmen Clint
- Rural Lifestyle Museum in Veryazha

Estimated cost 1,000 roubles including bike rental

Телефон: +7 911 613 6744

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