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An entertaining tour of the Ilmen Lake area revolving around a visit to the Mills Museum in the small village of Zaval.

A wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature, visit local landmarks and learn about their history (guided by a quest book).


  • The St Michael of Klopsk chapel-over-the-well
  • Spring in Neronov Bor
  • The Medveditsa (Momma Bear) stone
  • The shore of Lake Ilmen
  • The mill in Navolok
  • Perekomsky Monastery
  • St Michael of Klopsk Monastery

Estimated cost One ticket to the Mills Museum is 100 roubles for adults and 70 roubles for children.
For more information about the itinerary, call +7 951 721 7255


Телефон: 89517217255

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