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Don’t miss the folk festivities of the Pike Festival in the village of Yuryevo, Fedorkovo Residential Area, Parfinsky District. The village of Yuryevo sits on the banks of the beautiful Lovat River that has long been known for its abundant fish resources and skilled fishermen. It is believed that the name of the river comes from the Russian word “lovit’” (“to catch”), with pike being the most popular fish to catch. The festival marks the opening of the summer fishing season and runs all summer, with fun activities, songs, dancing, crafts workshops, a traditional shop by the Polav House of Crafts and Folklore, a raffle and positive energy supplied by the Zhereslyane Russian folk song group. A feast of fish soup, fish delicacies, pies and herbal tea will round off the festival.

- Church of New Russian Martyrs and Confessors in Yuryevo
- Lovat River
- Berezitsky House of Crafts

Estimated cost From 350 roubles per person

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