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Explore the south of the Novgorod Region with a visit to the Maryovsky District.

The ecotrail One With Nature will introduce you to the 10th-century Russian settlement, Maryovskoye. Stroll down linden alleys in the 45th Anniversary of Victory Park and enjoy the scenic views of the Maryovka River. Back in the 10th century, the river was a major shipping thoroughfare. Connected to the Pola River, it was even part of the route from the Varangians to the Greeks.

Wander through the picturesque, tranquil pine woods and enjoy views of the beauty of the surrounding nature from the top of the hills.

- Maryovskoye settlement
- Maryovka River
- 45th Anniversary of Victory Park
- Scenic pinewoods
- Beaver houses on the Maryovka River
- Lily-of-the-valley and fireweed meadows

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