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Description Learn about the heroic past of the people’s militias that fought along the Luga Line during the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War through the history of Leningrad’s 1st Kirov Militia Division. The day’s itinerary includes a guided tour of the war memorial, a local history and lore museum displaying artefacts donated by militia veterans, as well as historic sites related to the militia fighters and writer Daniil Granin. The tour also includes a visit to the 1941 Luga Line.

Highlights 1. Railway station – Batetskaya station
2. War memorial in Batetsky
3. Krayeved Centre of the Batetsky Local History and Lore Museum
4. Central Memorial to the Leningrad’s People’s Militia in Voronino
5. Military cemetery in Kositskoye
6. Military cemetery in Tereboni
7. 1941 Luga Line in Shchepino – Novoye Ovsino

Estimated cost 500 roubles per person, Russian-style traditional lunch included.


Телефон: +7 81661 22 179

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