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Kholm on the Lovat River is one of a multitude of old northern towns that stood on the major trade itinerary from the Varangians to the Greeks. The long and difficult history of Kholm includes fierce fighting with the Lithuanians, occupation by the army of Stephen Bathory (1581-1582), the Polish-Lithuanian intervention, the Polish occupation of 1606-1609, the Swedish occupation of 1612-1617, and the tumultuous period of the civil war in the 17th century. Local residents took part in the numerous wars of independence waged by Russia to protect not only their own land but Russia as a whole. Another heroic and tragic page was added to the city’s history during the Great Patriotic War.


  • Memorial Complex
  • Open-Air Museum
  • Geroyev (Heroes) Park
  • Monument to Pyotr Kalitin, hero of the Russian-Turkish War
  • History Museum of the Kholmsky District

Estimated cost Individual tour for one to five people: 250 roubles tour for a group of six people or more: 60 roubles for adults, 35 roubles for schoolchildren, 25 roubles for preschool age children

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Телефон: 8 (81654) 52-152

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