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What kind of city is Staraya Russa? It is so small that you could fit 134 of them in Moscow. It is so old that the first mention of Staraya Russa was almost 1,000 years ago, and it abounds in cultural heritage sites and monuments, with 69 monuments and 16 museums. It is so hospitable that it is annually visited by 150,000 people. Staraya Russa has so many nicknames that, frankly, we have lost count: city with a thousand-year history, the city of Dostoyevsky, the saltcellar of Russia, and the Russian Baden-Baden. Staraya Russa is a city worth visiting. Every Sunday, we invite you to explore Staraya Russa with one of our bus tours. Our professional guides will immerse you in the past of the city with a thousand-year history. Enjoy its sights and major landmarks, and admire the unique architecture of its ancient churches. You are sure to fall in love with the place, which is much less well known in Moscow than in St Petersburg.

- Victory Park
- Transfiguration Monastery
- The Eagle Monument
- Church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity
- Stella of Military Glory
- Sobornaya Square
- Water tower
- 17th century Resurrection Cathedral
- Church of the Holy Great Martyr Menas
- Pisatelsky Lane
- St George’s Church (15th century)
- The miracle-working icon of the Staraya Russa Mother of God (replica)
- Svaroga Street
- Staraya Russa resort
- Medieval Staraya Russa Estate Museum (visit not included)

Estimated cost 750 roubles for adults, 600 roubles for children, and free for children under four.


Телефон: +7 911 633 3030

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