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Description Discover the history of the partisan movement in the Novgorodian land during the Great Patriotic War. The itinerary covers 1941 and 1942 and consists of interactive tours to the key locations of the Partisan Land museum in Belebelka, Poddorsky District, offering visitors an immersive experience and helping them understand what it meant to be a partisan fighter during the Great Patriotic War, how partisan regiments lived, where they held councils, and how they published frontline news bulletins. You will also visit an underground bakery and sample its bread.

- History of the partisan movement exhibition at Orlova Cultural Centre
- Partisan Camp outdoor museum
- Alley of Partisan Glory
- Staff and company dugout shelters
- Partisan bakery
- Partisan workshop and barn

Estimated cost 130 roubles per person


Телефон: +7 81658 71 145

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