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The Kosino Convent of St Nicholas is a place of true serenity and peacefulness.

The convent with is churches, cemetery and the Icon of the Saviour dates back to 800 years ago.

With the help of a professional guide, you will take a journey into the past of this holy place, visit the early 12th century Church of St Nicholas, home to the miracle-working Icon of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn that protects the convent from unwanted visitors, heals the ailing and helps couples struggling to conceive. You will also see the semi-destroyed 19th century Church of St Varlaam of Khutyn.

- Kosino Convent of St Nicholas
- Church of St Nicholas
- Church of St Varlaam of Khutyn

Estimated cost Adult ticket 600 roubles, children’s ticket 480 roubles, and free for children under four.



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