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The Partisan Land Museum Complex invites Novgorod residents and visitors to take part in an entertaining tour dedicated to the history of the partisan movement in the occupied Soviet territory during WWII. The programme includes a sightseeing tour in the village of Belebelka, Poddorsky District, a visit to the museum complex, including the Hall of Partisan Movement History in the local cultural centre and the Partisan Camp open-air museum, a partisan lunch with partisans’ bread, and a visit to the 253 Lives - One Destiny memorial complex at the site where the villagers of Bychkovo and Pochinok were executed during the war.


Litvinovo: Memorial sign at the campsite of Soviet prisoners of war

Belebelka, Poddorsky District: stele of Alexander Sharapov, the Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos, the Belebelkovsky Hydropower Plant, memorial plaque to the civilian victims of the Belebelkovsky and Zaozersky rural municipalities, Soviet military cemetery of the 1st Shock Army of the North-Western Front, and the Partisan Land Museum Complex.

Bychkovo Crossing, Poddorsky District, 253 Lives - One Destiny memorial complex

Estimated cost upwards of 800 roubles per person (not including transfer and transportation)
For more information about the itinerary, call +7 81658 71 145



Телефон: 8 (81658)71-145

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