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The tour includes a visit to the local history and lore museum, where you will learn about the rich history of the Krestetsky District, and to the Shag za Shagom (Step-by-Step) factory of Christmas tree decorations. You are invited to take part in a workshop where you will paint a decoration to take home. The factory makes series of decorations that depict Russian churches and monasteries, the characters of Pushkin’s tales and Novgorod legends (Vasily Buslayev, Sadko and Lyubava), and Krestsy style embroidery.


Local history and lore museum
Rozhdestvo factory of Christmas tree decorations

Estimated cost 200 roubles for adults, 150 roubles for children. Workshop on painting Christmas tree decorations: 250 roubles


Телефон: 8(81659) 5-45-64; 8-921-738-18-87

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