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Welcome to the amazing natural scenery of Gornaya Msta! Relax to the murmur of the Msta’s rapids, forget about the cares of your busy life, the limpid water of the river will wash away your fatigue and reveal its unique beauty to you. The amazing flora and fauna of the place will tap into the sensitivity to beauty that lies deep within all of us. The conveniently located and equipped campsites along the route allow you to spend as much time as possible in nature.

- Msta rapids
- Catherine’s meadow
- Karst springs
- The mouth of the waterfall of the underground river Poneretka
- Msta River canyon, limestone banks
- Walnut grove
- Unique landscapes

Estimated cost Free

The route runs along the bank of the Msta River, from Maly Porog (Opechenskoye village) to Rovnoye (Yogolskoye village)


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