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Description Come join us in the Batetsky District to learn more about the history of the Russian estate. Enjoy a guided tour of Batetsky and its surroundings, immerse yourself in the world of 18th century landscaping and architecture that defined the region’s rural estates, and visit a local history and lore museum.

1. Obolyaninov-Sazikov Estate “Dubtsy”, 18th – early 20th century cultural heritage site
Built and preserved by estate owners:
2. Railway station – Batetskaya station
3. Church of the Holy Spirit, built to mark 300 years of the House of the Romanovs
4. Krayeved Centre of the Batetsky Local History and Lore Museum
5. Sergei Radonezhsky Sacred Spring, Mrotkino
6. Nicholas the Miracleworker Church, wooden architecture heritage site in Mrotkino
7. Mrotkino, a late 19th century – early 20th century cultural heritage site
8. Obolyaninov (Tishchenko) estate, Malaya Udraya

Estimated cost 450 roubles per person, Russian-style traditional lunch included.


Телефон: +7 81661 22 179

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