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Gazhya Wasteland is a place of witchcraft, sorcery and magic. This interactive tour is based on fairy-tales and folk legends. Participants will meet with Slavic characters Baba Yaga and Kikimora, who will challenge them to pass a series of tests: The Wish Gate, Bumps and Stumps, Firewood Sawing and Chopping, and The Mortar of Baba Yaga. Losers will be sent to the “chamber of horrors.” The goal is to promote active games, which are losing popularity. You can buy souvenirs in the local shop and have pies with herbal or traditional tea from samovar. The itinerary is designed for children and families. The enthusiasm of the guides will help you to forget your cares and enjoy the trip. The tour ends with a photo session with the fairy-tale characters.


  • Game site
  • Yuryevo Culture Centre

Estimated cost 150 roubles per person

For more information, call +7 816 506 3052, +7 911 637 0301


Телефон: 8-816-506-30-52, 8-911-637-03-01

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