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A tour of Levochsky, the largest farm in the Khvoininsky District in terms of output and a leading producer in the Novgorod Region by number of dairy cows. A certified pedigree breeder of Ayrshire cows, the company is increasing production and sales of popular dairy products such as milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, sweet yoghurt drink, baked yoghurt, low fat butter and kefir, using modern technology and equipment. The high quality of its products is the result of the impeccable standards of the farm's dairy operation. Members of the gastro tour will be able to sample and buy them at the farm’s shops.


  • Dairy cow farm (410 cows);
  • Heifer farm;
  • Calf house;
  • Grain storage and milk processing facility;
  • The St Nicholas Church in Levocha;
  • Levochsky farm shop with branded merchandise.

Estimated cost 150 roubles per person (group of 15)


Телефон: 89212094236

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