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Starting from the Khvoininsky District, cross into the Pestovsky District to learn about the history of the oldest local school (built in the 1910s, alumni include Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitry Nekrasov). You will visit an old cemetery with remnants of a church and the crypt of the Veselago noble family (related to Mikhail Lermontov, they were a family of naval officers and engineers). From Klimovshchina, you will continue your journey to Pestovo and pass two historical railway stations built during the 1920s (years of New Economic Policy). You will visit the only timber-framed house in the Northwest, built in 1924 by Mologoles engineers Jozef and August Himmelsbach. Then you will explore archaeological sites and landmarks related to the area’s spiritual history.

- St John the Baptist’s Wooden Church
- Two-storey house of the Ushakov Family (late 18th – early 19th century)
- 1931 Water Tower
- 1924 Timber-framed house
- Church of St John of Kronstadt
- Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos on Mologa (1820)
- Church of Life-Giving Trinity (1814)
- Ancient burials

Estimated cost 1,000 roubles per person


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