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Open from May through October.

Description Forest Secrets is a circular ecotrail in the Bor area. Take in the taiga forest and hilly landscape dotted with bogs, creeks and spring wells, find out about the importance of the bogs, plants and animals to the ecosystem, and learn about the health benefits and medicinal properties of forest berries. A beautiful view of the raised bog from an observation platform, a log cabin, and the babbling of forest creeks rising from the ground – no one will be unmoved by the legendary beauty of Valdai. At the end of the trail, you will be able to take a drink from the Sokolovskiye Klyuchi spring. The trail is also a good place for lessons in science and other topics.

- Ecotrail entry gate
- Low-lying and raised bogs with observation platform
- Highlighted natural landmarks: wood knobs, bracket fungus, shelf fungus, anthills,
- Sokolovskiye Klyuchi spring

Estimated cost 200 roubles for visiting the Valdai National Park. A tour for a group of up to five people costs 1,500 roubles, 250 roubles per person for a group from five to 20 people, and 200 roubles per person for a group of 21 people or more.


Телефон: +7 81666 28 671

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