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Новгородская обл., г. Старая Русса, ул. Воскресенская, д. 6

+7 (911) 633-30-30 

+7 (911) 634-99-99

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“My nest” is how Fyodor Dostoyevsky described his home in Staraya Russa, where his family settled in the spring of 1873. He wrote his famous novel The Brothers Karamazov in a small study on the first floor, inspired by Staraya Russa and its residents who served as the basis for the fictional city and the novel’s characters.


  • Staraya Russa resort
  • Monument to Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Church of St Nicholas on the marketplace
  • Georgiyevskaya Street, memorial plaque on the House of Father Ioann Rumyantsev (the first place where the Dostoyevsky family lived in Staraya Russa)
  • Church of St George (the church frequented by the Dostoyevsky family)
  • Icon of Our Lady of Staraya Russa
  • Pisatelsky Pereulok
  • Visit to the museum house of Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Dostoyevsky Embankment
  • Scavenger-hunt tour of The Brothers Karamazov museum
  • Cathedral Square
  • The St Nicholas Convent in Kosino
  • Dostoevsky-themed lunch at Cafe Bashnya


Телефон: 8-911-633-30-30; 8(81652)5-29-77

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