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We invite you on a short journey to three cities in the Novgorod Region. You will visit a sacred spring, recently restored churches and cathedrals built as far back as 1750 to honour various saints, and can even spend the night on the shores of Lake Meglino.

- Sacred spring in Serafimovka (Serafimovka, Borovichsky District, Novgorod Region)
- Church of St Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (Serafimovka, Borovichsky District, Novgorod Region)
- Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God, built in 1798 (1 Parkovaya Street, Borovichi)
- Church of St Nicholas the Miracleworker built in 1750 (40 Kalinina Street, Moshenskoye)
- Meglino recreation centre (Vorotovo, Moshensky District)
- Church of St John of Kronstadt (36B Lenin Street, Pestovo)
- Intercession Church (1 Nekrasova Lane, Pestovo)


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