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Open from May through October. Temporarily closed.

Description The Bobrovaya (Beaver) Ecotrail, which is located 11 km from the city of Valdai, is a combination of several ecosystems, including fir forests overgrown with blueberries and green mosses, pine trees, and raised bogs with various forest berries. The distinguishing feature of the trail is the esker ridge, a specific form of terrain created by the last Valdai glaciation. As the name of the trail implies, you can learn many interesting things about the lives of these remarkable animals, beavers, from the stands along the trail and from your tour guide.

- Ecotrail entry gate
- Information stands
- Sculptures and installations
- Raised bog
- Bobroviye ponds
- Valdaika River

Estimated cost 200 roubles for visiting the Valdai National Park. A tour for a group of up to five people costs 1,500 roubles, 250 roubles per person for a group from five to 20 people, and 200 roubles per person for a group of 21 people or more.


Телефон: +7 81666 28 671

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