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Explore the estates of outstanding military commander Alexander Suvorov. You will visit two estates, in Lyubytino and Borovichi (Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye). The village of Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye is home to a museum and nature reserve that tells the story of how the famous Russian military commander lived, worked and got on with local peasants.

- Lyubytino-Khutor Resort
- Alexander Suvorov’s Estate in Kamenka, Lyubytinsky District
- Lyubogorye Year-Round Resort

Day 1
- Check-in at Lyubytino-Khutor Resort
- Guided tour of the resort
- Guided tour of the Alexander Suvorov Estate in Kamenka
- Fixed menu lunch and stay at Lyubogorye Year-Round Resort
- Dinner and live entertainment (workshops, tubing) at Lyubytino-Khutor

Day 2
- Breakfast at Lyubytino-Khutor Resort
- Guided tour of the museum in Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye (Borovichsky District)
- Fixed menu lunch at Lyubogorye Year-Round Resort

Estimated cost This is a self-guided driving tour.


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