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We invite you to Ust-Volma, one of the most beautiful and scenic small villages in the Krestetsky area. It has a rich history that goes back centuries and beautiful natural scenery. The village has monuments of history and culture associated with the famous Tatishchev family, including an estate built in the 18th century in the classical style of manor architecture. You’ll also see numerous burial mounds dated to between the 6th and 13th century and religious landmarks, such as the chapel of St Paraskevi and the church of Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Kholova. You’ll hear legends and tales of the Ust-Volma area collected by local residents, discover the mystery of Glubokaya Yama (Deep Hole), visit Gypsy Meadow, see the mythical stone that was a favourite haunt of a mermaid, and learn why local residents hold sacred the Orthodox holiday, Elijah’s Day.


  • Burial mounds of the 6th-13th centuries
  • Tatishchev Estate
  • Chapel of the Ust-Volma cemetery
  • Waterfall on the Kholova River
  • Grave of the landlord Slavyaninov
  • Chapel of St Paraskevi
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul
  • Netsev Vortex
  • Gypsy Meadow
  • Alyonushka’s Stone

Estimated cost 500 roubles for adults, 400 roubles for children


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