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Oldham is the first English pub and steakhouse in Veliky Novgorod.

Oldham pub and steakhouse is housed in a genuine English-style building with a solid oak facade. Its first hall is decorated as a street with windows, entrances, street lamps and telephone booths. It even has a tube map. All interior elements are real. Through the windows opening onto the street you can see the cooks at work.

The main hall has a classical English-style design. It has seven tables for big groups, which don’t interfere with each other thanks to high partitions, six tables in the special area and a long counter. One of the rooms can seat up to 20.

The main room has four televisions and there is another one in the smaller room for watching sports.

Background music includes rock, jazz, ska and brit pop.

The bar offers 16 draught beers, five of which come from a local brewery. Wide choice of liquor and wine.

The focus of the menu is steak. Cooked using a Josper, a unique Spanish grill, which is especially good for meat. It can also be prepared sous vide (low-temperature slow cooking, yielding unsurpassed results and revealing unexpected qualities).

You can find there an excellent assortment of starters, salads and soups as well as burgers and novelties like a pastrami sandwich.

The pub boasts a “cold room” storing 16 draught beers in conditions that maintain quality.

The pub has had an atmosphere of its own from its very first day. It is suitably boisterous and cheerful here. Featuring live music and raffles on weekends, as well as brainteasers and board games. We are sure that this place will be a popular favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Delivery available.

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