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The second project of the ZAVOD-bar concept in Veliky Novgorod.

Charodeika bar and ZAVOD bar feature a sophisticated atmosphere, Russian cuisine, liquors and a gift shop filled with souvenirs and Russian drinks.

Charodeika bar is a unique timeless spot with passionate service and food, where you can enjoy a hearty meal and the view from the window. Guests come here for Russian cuisine, authentic dishes made with local ingredients, and the friendly atmosphere. A wide selection of craft liquors based on recreated traditional recipes will be a memorable accompaniment to your gastronomic visit.
The gift shop offers vodkas, gins and other spirits of the Alkon distillery, natural teas and honey, tea sets with glass holders, handmade shot glasses, and commemorative postcards with views of Veliky Novgorod.

Bar, table reservations 601 409

Gift shop: 601 509

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