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What can be better than dropping by a cute, cosy place during a long winter walk to get a steaming cup of spiced tea, known as sbiten, or of a custom-made tea blend, hot chocolate or Christmas-style mulled wine? The Silver Necklace tourist information centres selected the warming drinks you must try when visiting the northwestern regions of Russia.


Watering Holes of the Novgorodian Land heartwarming tours in Veliky Novgorod
What kind of drinks did people use 500 years ago to warm their hearts? During this tour, you will discover five centuries of Veliky Novgorod’s merry-making history. As you pass the city’s main attractions, you will learn about the local culinary traditions and get an immersive experience into the past eras, which will definitely keep you warm.
Krasnaya Izba tourism development centre, Veliky Novgorod,


Veresk panoramic restaurant
The restaurant stands on Lake Veresk. Every visitor will enjoy its cosy atmosphere, friendly service and great variety of warming drinks, including sbiten, a traditional spiced herb infusion with heather, as well as alcohol-free mulled wine and the Red Nose cocktail, with scenic views as a bonus. After all, winter is a beautiful time of the year.
Sova Cafe on Vyborg Island
While wandering around the city’s historic centre, drop by the Sova Cafe. Apart from a terrace with a unique design, you will find multiple owl figurines, to go with the name of the place, which means “owl” in Russian, all over the cafe, as well as a great variety of warming drinks on the menu. We suggest that you try the signature mulled wine, served with a spoonful of honey and cane sugar. Not only is this a treat, but a healthy one at that.
Leningrad Regin tourist information centre,


Special drinks for a special window view
Singer Cafe is primarily famous for its panoramic views of Nevsky Prospekt and the Kazan Cathedral. However, it is also a great spot for those searching for outstanding warming drinks. There is tea with fresh sea buckthorn, apple and honey; sbiten, a traditional herb infusion, with spices, lemon and honey; ginger tea with orange and cinnamon; raspberry and thyme tea; and cranberry tea with oranges and cloves. What kind would you prefer?
FermA restaurant for those searching for extraordinary tastes
This family restaurant offers signature drinks like a sea buckthorn and ginger infusion with rosemary, orange rooibos with mint and juniper, or spiced black or green tea with berries. The cakes and Chantilly pastries the restaurant makes in-house can be paired with these drinks for gustatory perfection. Treat yourself to these goodies to feel their warmth.
St Petersburg tourist information bureau,


Cranberry infusion, cappuccino flavoured like traditional local gingerbread and Mezensky-style coffee
In Arkhangelsk, the CoffeeCo chain of coffee shops developed a menu inspired by the North and its traditions. It includes drinks that echo the local history, while adding a modern twist to them. This includes a cranberry infusion, hot tea with fenberries and cowberries, cappuccino flavoured like traditional local gingerbread, and Mezensky-style coffee. Infusions with Nordic berries not only taste great and can warm you up, but they are also healthy and contain lots of vitamins, which we need so much during the winter.
Pomorsky and Arctic teas, fenberry and sea buckthorn mulled wines
Malye Karely restaurant in the Arkhangelsk Region will treat guests to its Nordic cuisine, as well as warming drinks, including mulled wine with fenberries and sea buckthorn, Pomorsky tea with dried cranberries and black current leaves, and an Arctic tea blend with fenberries and dried blueberries.
Arkhangelsk Region tourist information centre


Kremlin sbiten
After a stroll around the Pskov Kremlin, visitors, be it locals or tourists, can enjoy sbiten, a hot traditional herb infusion made of 12 herbs and spices, or more, all collected in Pushkinskiye Gory, a nature reserve. First mentioned in written sources as far back as in 1128, sbiten is worth tasting to experience it in its diversity and complexity.
Monastyrsky tea
Hot, with a pleasing taste and healthy, Monastyrsky tea translates as “made in a monastery.” You can taste it at the Pskovo-Pechersky Dormition Monastery, at a cafe on its grounds called Non-Sacred Saints. This is a great way to warm yourself up after a tour of the monastery, slow down and enjoy the moment.
Pskov Region tourist information centre


Ambar cafe in Zelenogradsk will warm your hearts
When the weather gets nasty, enjoy a glass of a hearty and tasty sea buckthorn punch in Ambar, a popular cafe on the Baltic Sea coast. This ancient Indian drink is made from wine, rum, sugar or honey, fruit juice and spices. It has a slightly bitter and unusual taste that you will savour. Sipping your drink by the sea will be a great way to leave your everyday troubles behind and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the place.
Great drinks in the very heart of Kaliningrad
With its Cathedral and organ concerts, Kant Island is more than just a tourist magnet. It has become a favourite destination for dating couples, or for getting together with friends and family. There is a place by the Medovy (Honey) Bridge serving the best mulled wine and coffee in town. Drop by after a walk and try what it has to offer.
Kaliningrad Region tourist information centre


Warming drinks at K5
The centre of Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic, has always attracted both locals and tourists. Going for a walk in the park or along the embankment? You need to have a hot drink in hand, especially on a chilly winter day. For that, head to K5 cafe. It offers classic coffee beverages and teas with wild herbs to warm you up and make your stroll even more pleasant.
Coffee Like will warm you up
If you are planning to go for a walk in Syktyvkar in autumn or winter, we suggest stopping at Coffee Like to grab a cup of raspberry and ginger mulled wine, a red cappuccino with orange and cinnamon, honey raf coffee, or a latte with white chocolate and melissa. These delicious drinks will help you keep warm. What makes this option great is that you can find these coffee shops across town.
Nordic Coffee serves specialty coffees
Nordic Coffee Roasters offers its guests coffee drinks with an inimitable taste and exquisite quality. It will become your reliable coffee buddy: always there and ready to welcome you, making sure that you leave in a good spirit, wanting to come back.
Komi Republic Agency for Tourism Development and Promotion
Murmansk Region
White Rabbit coffee shop in Murmansk
Feel the Arctic’s warmth at the White Rabbit cafe, where you will find Nordic infusions, a signature hot chocolate, and a wide variety of other hot drinks, and even the Northern Lights.
Terrasa lounge cafe in Murmansk
Fill your trip to the north with warmth at Terrasa lounge cafe. It offers the Beyond the Arctic Circle herb infusion you can enjoy, while also getting to know the wonders of the Kola nature.
RedFox mobile coffee shop in Murmansk
Enjoy the true taste of the Arctic by visiting RedFox, the northernmost mobile coffee shop. Get a warming Nordic tea, the fragrant Northern Lights drink, and lots of information on the city’s best attractions to go with your drink. You can also buy a treat for your pet here.
On My Plate cafe bar and Ophelia cafe in Khibiny
Experience the warmth of Khibiny, the heart of the Kola Peninsula. Here you can try hot drinks made from local berries and herbs. For that, head to the On My Plate cafe and bar and the Ophelia cafe.
Murmansk Region tourist information centre
Kirovsk tourist information centre


Karelian tea at Tasty Karelia museum and restaurant
Create your own unique blends with up to seven herbs and enjoy Karelian tea at the Tasty Karelia restaurant.
Karelian hot drinks in the very heart of Petrozavodsk
Come to the Petrovsky shop where we sell the famous Karelian balsam. You can buy it for yourself, to keep warm during the winter, or as a souvenir for family and friends.
Republic of Karelia tourist information centre,


Northern spirit
Who if not the people in the north know everything about getting and staying warm for as long as possible? The Kochevnik is a Nordic cuisine restobar in Naryan-Mar where you can sample the Nordic delicacies, as well as order a warming drink from fenberries, which grow in the Arctic. Apart from fenberries, this drink includes orange juice, honey and lemon juice.
Where do you find a warming liquor infusion with chokeberries?
Warm up to the Extreme North. Winter always comes out of the blue, so it is high time to head to Timan, a museum and restaurant where you can order a signature liquor infusion with cowberries and chokeberries.
Nenets Autonomous Area tourist information centre,


Botanik Bar Herbarium
This gastrobar is located in Vologda’s centre and has an intellectual vibe to it, along with a magnificent view of Kremlyovskaya Square. Spicy herbs are growing right on the bar counter, while the walls are covered with herbariums of edible plants. It is here that you can order the Penicillin cocktail, made with whisky, sour lemon notes, spicy ginger and sweet honey. Cheers!
Vinoven’s hot winter drinks will warm you up
The bar offers quite a few warming drinks and a selection of cocktails. Comfort, joy and a bottle opener is what every house needs, as the saying goes. Vinoven has all three, as well as a great wine list. Try the outstanding, airy and well-balanced El Ilusionista with spicy undertones, bilberries and blackberries to make your evening warm and inspiring.
Vologda Region tourist information centre
Visiting the Silver Necklace cities? Come to the tourist information centres or visit a museum to stay warm. Join the for northwestern Russia, earn bonus points for visiting museums and tourist information centres, and win prizes in exchange.
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