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The #VseNaTropu flashmob will take place on 27 June, Youth Day in Russia. Participants will walk along the Ivanyi Woodlands and Forest Secrets eco-trails, as well the Great Valdai Trail. Come and enjoy a fascinating outdoor weekend, get a boost of positive energy, feel at one with nature and delight in picturesque views of the Novgorod Region.

Don’t forget to take a selfie along the eco-trails or Great Valdai Trail and post it on social media with the hashtags #ИваньиПерелески, #ЛесныеТайны, #НациональныйПаркВалдайский, #БольшаяВалдайскаяТропа and receive a souvenir with the park logo at the tourist office in the park on 27 June.

To explore the different trails, learn about national park facilities and the visitor policy, visit the park’s website at Please note that you need a ticket to visit Valdai National Park; tickets can be purchased online from its website.