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Accommodation is a very important factor in your holiday experience. When planning to travel in northwestern Russia, you have more choices than a traditional hotel. Why not try glamping, a castle or a reindeer skin tent (chum)? Below is a list of unusual accommodation ideas from the tourist information centres of the Silver Necklace cities of Russia, which may surprise and impress your kids, your better half or friends.


Enjoy the comfortable tranquillity of Yurievskoye Podvorie glamping
Have a nice evening around the bonfire, with smoky dishes under a starry sky, breathe in the fragrance of the forest, relax in the spa and bath complex, wake up in a comfortable tent to the sound of birds chirping, and see the sunrise. The glamping site is located within walking distance of the Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture.


Kitovy Bereg (Whale Coast) glamping is an opportunity to enjoy northern wildlife in comfort.
The 15 eco domes standing on the coast of the Barents Sea offer a panoramic view of the bay, modern conveniences and premium-class room interiors. Taste our chef’s best camping recipes and relax in one of our saunas or an ofuro bath after a day of trekking, quad biking or fishing.
Aurora Village: an eco-hotel away from civilisation
Choose one of our 10 glass dome houses (igloo) to watch the polar lights or aurora Polaris from a comfortable bed. Enjoy the beautiful northern autumn, take a dip in an outdoor plunge tub, have a barbecue or go for a walk to the crystal-clear lake nearby. Aurora Village is a pet-friendly hotel.
DublDom Kandalaksha: ultimate cohesion with nature
This tourist shelter with panoramic windows is located on a hillock from which you can see the White Sea gulf and unique northern nature. Those who like outdoor activities can rent trekking sticks and take a tour of the hillocks in the Kandalaksha Bay.
Murmansk Region Tourist Information Centre,


NewCamp glamping is a constellation of cosy houses in a forest, each with a panoramic window, modern conveniences and custom interior decoration. The amenities include Russian saunas, outdoor plunge tubs and a huge tent for various events.
Soul Camp Karelia
Comfortable tent glamping on the shore of a forest lake right in the lap of nature. The site is perfect for social gatherings, private events and retreats. It is a place you can go to be alone and enjoy nature without the discomfort of hiking trips.
Republic of Karelia Tourist Information Centre,


Langendorf loves its guests
Castle Estate Langendorf in the village of Sokolniki offers a wonderful combination of rest and entertainment with four-star services and infrastructure, health and spa facilities, and a restaurant with signature dishes in the Castle Hill complex.
Glamping in Curonian Spit National Park
Polyana Glamping is the first glamping site in the Kaliningrad Region on the Baltic Sea coast in the heart of Curonian Spit National Park. Its 12 eco-friendly luxury tents with a designer Scandinavian interior blend in with the park’s nature. They also have heating because nights on the Baltic can be chilly.
Capsule hotel on the Baltic Sea coast
Space Club is a unique hotel barely five minutes’ walk from the coast that attracts creative professionals, from young designers with innovative ideas to writers and IT gurus. It offers bed-sized rooms known as capsules, a co-working space, a kitchen and a planetarium. What else do you need for rest and recreation?
Regional Tourism Information Centre, Kaliningrad,


Would you like to stay the night in a real reindeer skin tent called a chum?
You can spend a night in a reindeer skin tent (chum) located at the Arctic Tourism Centre. Take an exciting trip to an Arctic Circle region.
Khanavey Sya recreation camp
The Khanavey Sya recreation camp is located in the Arctic region, barely two hours’ drive from Naryan-Mar, the capital of the Nenets Autonomous Area. Its services include hunting, fishing, kayaking and trips into the tundra. Guided transfer to and from the Naryan-Mar airport with the camp owner named Fyodor.
Nenets Autonomous Area Tourist Information Centre,


Oleny Ostrov
If you want to find out how reindeer breeders live, take a tour of the Oleny Ostrov camp in Lozym, Syktyvdinsky District, where you can see an authentic reindeer skin tent, learn about the history and modern life of reindeer breeders, go for a ride in a reindeer sleigh, and stay overnight away from the city bustle.
Campsite near one of the Seven Wonders of Russia
The northernmost campsite in the Republic of Komi is located 10 km from the Manpupuner rock formations, a sacred place of the Mansi people. It offers comfortable accommodation where you can enjoy the scenic northern nature and, with any luck, take pictures of the polar lights.
Tourism Office of the Komi Republic,


Dom u Zaliva (Sea Home Resort) community: bonding with nature
Spending time in the lap of nature is the best way to recharge. If you need a calm atmosphere and like the sounds of the sea, go to the Sea Home Resort 35 km from Zelenogorsk. Clean and cosy cottages, outdoor activities and hiking… Who said that St Petersburg is eons away from nature?
Skandinavia Country Club & SPA: boost your health
The Skandinavia Country Club & SPA is located in the popular Kurortny District in a clean environment amid a pine forest on the Gulf of Finland. Guests can rent cosy houses built in the Nordic architectural (National Romantic) style and equipped with the latest technologies.
St Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau,


Tainik Severa (Northern Hideout) Iceberg is a lodge in the village of Lapominka on the White Sea coast in the Arkhangelsk Region. It has panoramic windows, a veranda and a pier.
Northern Hideout No. 4 stands on a river 10 minutes’ drive from Arkhangelsk and 25 minutes’ drive from Severodvinsk. The building with a fireplace and panoramic windows is good for a small group of guests eager to take a break from the city bustle.
Arkhangelsk Region Tourist Information Centre,


Russia’s first safari lodge located in a 2.5-hectare pine forest on Lake Mednoye offers a combination of luxury comforts and designer interiors with scenic nature landscapes and care for the environment.
Shanti: a dream house on the lake
Shanti Home is 11 houses with a panoramic view of the lake located in the village of Yablonevka, Priozersky District, 110 km from St Petersburg. Shanti is a wonderful place to spend some time away from the city bustle and its problems, to enjoy a sunrise on the lake and fresh air in a pine forest, relax in a hot tub on the veranda of your house, and take aromatic tea at the fireplace.
Leningrad Region Tourist Information Centre, St Petersburg,


Tetris, Pskov-style
The Tetris block of the Razdolye recreation complex includes 12 transformable rooms with modular furniture that can be adapted for one guest or six guests.
Namaste Vegetarian Camp
The Namaste campsite on a riverbank in the Pskov Region has several cabins, a lounge area, a garden, a private beach and veranda, free Wi-Fi and a free private parking lot.
Official tourist portal of the Pskov Region,


Isakovo Glamping
The Isakovo recreation hotel is located on the shore of Lake Tudozero with crystal-clear water in a beautiful forest.
Vytegoria tourist complex and campsite
Located on the shore of the cleanest lake in Europe, Lake Onega, Vytegoria offers year-round recreation and entertainment. It has several guest and summer houses, and a campsite.
Vologda Region Tourist Information Centre,
Travellers in the Silver Necklace towns of northwestern Russia are encouraged to make use of tourist information centres, join the programme, get loyalty points and exchange them for prizes. As of 1 October, you can check in at museums in the northwestern regions.
Photo: Kitovy Bereg (Whale Coast) glamping, Pechengsky Municipal District, Murmansk Region