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A new sales window for the travel cashback programme opened on 18 January 2022. The programme will run until 12 April 2022. Participants can go on a trip from the first day of sales until 30 April inclusive.

18 January to 12 April

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18 January to 30 April

Cruises with cashback will be available as soon as navigation begins and until the end of May.

The programme terms remain the same:

  • Choose a suitable offer on the мирпутешествий.рф programme’s official website or on the programme partners’ websites
  • Pay online with your Mir card and get 20% cashback on the same card within five days (no more than 20,000 roubles)
  • The number of trips per person under the programme is not limited
  • The programme covers trips from two nights and longer

At the same time, please be reminded of the travel safety rules. The coronavirus situation remains serious, so we ask tourists and tourism businesses to take all necessary precautions.